Amy my wife -xstoryhindi

After Amy had been raped by those 6 guys it took us several days to be able to talk about it but I constantly reminded her that she was beautiful but she was hung up on the fact that I got hard watching them fuck her.

I finally more or less convinced her that it had turned me on but I still loved her as much if not more than ever but she was still doubtful that a man could watch his wife have an orgasm with another man without being pissed and I told her that at first I was pissed but after awhile it was kind of breath taking watching these guys claim her as their own.

She gradually admitted that although she was scared half to death that it was also kind of exciting with them Cumming in her unprotected pussy and she loosened up and we talked openly now and she asked me several times if I really did get off watching with another guy and assured her that it did.

Well after awhile I kind of hinted that I would like to watch her with other guys and she flat out refused but later she came back to me and asked who? I said any guy I don’t care pick a guy I will go along with it.

She laughed and walked back to the kitchen but returned shortly and said, Larry I will do it with him I don’t care for Lisa anyway but how would we do it?

I was feeling brave and I picked up my phone and Larry answered right away.
I was on a roll now and I said Amy just agreed to fuck you if you want and he laughed saying yea right what did you call for.

I said really Larry she will fuck you if you want and I looked up at Amy and she was staring at me in disbelief with her hand over her mouth as Larry said let me go outside I cant hear you. Then after a few moments he said my god what the fuck is going on here man I don’t want to say anything in the house.

I said get your ass over here and Amy will fuck you……. He said no shit? This is not a joke I handed the phone to Amy and she said hi Larry we were just talking about you … yes I did say that….. tonight???? well I guess so if you can get away…. No I am on birth control so not a problem, 20 minutes??? and she looked back at me and asked are you sure?
I nodded my head unable to answer now my throat was dry.

Yes well tell her we need some help cleaning out the garage OK see you in a few minutes.
In less than 10 minutes he was knocking on our door and he said I cant stay so long but if we hurry….

I said this way and took Amy’s hand leading her to the spare bedroom and in just a few minutes they were both nude and clawing at each other and Larry pushed her back on the bed and I could see her wet pussy hair and I realized that she was hot too.

Well Larry crawled in between her legs and she took his cock and guided it into her then they went nuts fucking and Larry came very quickly as his body thrust spastically on top of Amy then he laid there breathing hard as Amy forced her hand between then and fingered her pussy Cumming as his cock went soft inside of her.

After he left I mounted her and the silky slippery sensations of another man’s cum coating my cock got me off to.