Sex Games 01-xstorhindi

My wife, Carol, and I were married in the 1970s.  The free love of the 1960s had given way to the 1970s open sexuality.  Women wore mini skirts, tight T shirts and tiny bikinis.

We had a great sex life.  We lived out our fantasies.  Carol would flash her breasts and bald mound and we had sex in public places.  She was a blatant exhibitionist.  She seldom wore a bra or panties.
We lived in Nashville and it was full on party time.  We were a very social couple and went to parties every weekend.  There was a lot of drinking and smoking weed.  The crowd we hung around with was a little wild and open sexually.

At the weekly parties there was lots of dancing and making out.
My wife, Carol, was a blatant exhibitionist.  She rarely wore a bra and often skipped panties.
Let me tell you about her.  She was the most beautiful and intelligent woman I ever met.  She was barely 5 foot tall.  She had jutting firm breasts a striking ass and shapely hips.

Regularly at the parties she would dance with some of our friends.  When she dances with someone she molds her body to them.  When she would dance with me I would whisper to her – “did you make their cocks hard?  did you hump their legs on your bald mound?”  She would moan – oh yeah hard cocks.

One weekend we went to a particularly wild party.   There was lots of good wine and very potent weed.  At midnight the hostess announced that we should all go skinny dipping in her pool.  It was a warm summer night with a full moon.  We all went out to the pool and stripped.  We jumped into the pool and there was a lot of groping and fooling around.

There were speakers set up on the pool deck.  My wife and I went to the shallow end of the pool and slow danced.  We were enjoying the excitement of dancing nude in the pool.
One of our friends, Tom, walked up to us and tapped my shoulder to cut in.  I looked at Carol and she nodded yes.  I stepped back and watched them dance.  Carol had her arms around his neck and her head on his shoulder.  Tom had an erection and was rubbing his cock all over her.

When the dance ended Carol came over to me.  She was breathing heavily and her nipples were jutting out.  She gave me a long tongue twirling kiss and reached down and stroked my hard cock.  Tom came over and asked Carol for another dance.  I smiled at him and nodded yes.  This time Carol wrapped herself around Tom and started planting little kisses on his neck.  The dance ended with them in a passionate kiss.  Carol came over to me and looked at me with a question in her eyes.
I asked her if she was having fun did she like flirting with Tom.   She said yes, let’s go home and fuck like animals.

When we got home we tore our clothes off and had wild passionate sex.  Carol started making loud sex noises,”Fuck meee,  Cocks, coming”.  I talked dirty to her.  “Would you like to fuck him?   Can I watch?”  We came explosively.  Exhausted we went to bed.  Neither of us mentioned the pool party.
The next weekend we went to a costume party.  Carol wore a black bustier, garters, a micro skirt and no underwear.  We dancing to a fast song when the bustier slipped and a nipple peaked out.  Carol looked down at it and smiled.

Tom,  from the pool party, came over to us and asked Carol to dance.  She took his hand and led him out to the dance floor. She molded her body to him put her arms around his neck, rubbed her nipples on his chest and planted little kisses on his neck.  As the dance ended she ground her bald mound onto his thighs and looked up at him with lust in her eyes.  I saw him whisper to her.
I should have been jealous but instead I was aroused and hard as a rock.

When they came back to me Tom looked at me with a question in his eyes. I simply smiled and pulled Carol to me.
After their next dance they came back to me, Carol’s visible nipples erect and her chest was flush with arousal.

I leaned into Carol and asked what he whispered.  She said he wants to get naked and fuck me all night.  I asked “are you having fun flirting and dancing?”.
When we got home that night we made passionate love.  I dirty talked to her.  “Would you like to be a dirty girl?  Would you like to fuck him?  Can I watch?”  She moaned yes yes and we both shuddered though an explosive orgasm.  We fell asleep in each others arms.

The next morning we were tentative and nervous.  I left for work and said we should talk that night.  During the day I was confused about my arousal and her behavior.  After work we sat down with a drink.
I started with an I love you.  Carol said she loved me too.  After a few moments I told her that her flirtations turned me on like nothing else.  I asked her if she wanted to fuck other men.  She said yes if I would like it.

There it was out in the open.  We knew we had to make it happen.
At the next party Carol wore a very short red mini dress with no underwear.  We were having a good time drinking and smoking pot.  The atmosphere was a little wild.
Tom came in and walked over to us.  He asked if he could dance with Carol.  She blushed and took him by the hand to the dance floor.  She put her arms around his neck, pressed her body to him and nuzzled against his chest.

They swayed to the music pressing and grinding against each other.  Carol put her leg between his and brushed his cock with her mound.  It was more like watching them have sex than dancing.
When they came back to me Carol was flushed with arousal and Tom couldn’t hide his erection.
I took Carol aside and asked is this the night you fuck him?  She looked at Tom and then said to me yes, yes.

This was the big moment.  I turned to Tom and asked if he would like to come back with us to have a nightcap.  He looked at me warily and nodded yes.  We drove in our car with Tom following us.  I could smell Carol’s arousal.  When we parked Carol pulled me to her and game a tongue twirling kiss.  She told me she loved me and that we were all going to have fun.

We went into the house and to the living room.  Tom sat on the couch, Carol in a chair facing the couch and I offered to make drinks.  We have a wet bar in the living room with a large mirror over it.  I could see Carol shifting in her seat with her dress creeping up her thighs.  Tom was being treated to a clear view of her no underwear mound.

I came back with three very strong martinis.  I handed them out and said “Cheers to a wonderful evening”.  We clinked glasses and everyone smiled.  I said to Carol to move to the couch with Tom.  I sat facing them and we made small talk for a few minutes.  I could sense both Tom and Carol were anxious to move along.

Carol gulped down her drink, put it on the coffee table and turned to face Tom.   She took his face in her hands and pulled him into a passionate kiss.  Their mouths were glued together and I could see their tongue swirling around.  They were both moaning and their hands were all over each other.
I moved to the couch on Carol’s other side.  I started caressing her sides and then planted nibbling kisses on her neck.  Carol turned to me and pulled me in for a sex kiss.  My hands went to her breasts and I pinched and pulled on her nipples.

Tom repeated my back and neck caressing and kissing routine.
I came up for air and said I would put some music on.  I took Carol’s hand and held her tightly to me as we started to dance.  I could feel Carol’s body trembling with anticipation.  She clamped her thighs on my leg and began humping me.  I moved my arm behind her and pulled her dress up to expose her magnificent ass.  I gently stroked her cheeks and pulled her tightly to me.

Tom, a very smart man, tapped me on the shoulder to cut in.  I turned Carol around and presented her to him.   He put his arms around her and pulled her into a full body embrace.  They danced a little and humped and ground each other a lot.  Soon Carol’s hand went between them and she began stroking the bulge in his pants.  Tom had his hands on her bare ass.  They both moaned.
I stood back and watched.  My emotions were surging.  I was very jealous that Tom was going to fuck my wife, yet I was more sexually excited than I had been for a long time.  My heart was racing, pulse pounding and the pit of my stomach was in turmoil.  I reached down and stroked my iron hard cock through my pants.  I moaned.
I went up to Carol and Tom and snuggled into her ass with my cock.  I lifted her dress and stroked her cheeks.  I reached under her and found Tom’s finger in her soaking cunt.  I wet my finger in her cunt and then put it in her rosebud.  Through her very thin walls I could feel Tom finger fucking her.  Carol started moaning “Ahh, fuck, watch me”.  I put my arms around both of them and pulled us all together.
I stepped back and looked again.  I was thinking what have I done, then Oh god I want this to happen.
I said to both of them, “It’s time to take this to the bedroom”.  They leaned into each other and kissed deeply.
Carol took Tom’s hand and led him into the bedroom.  I had prepared the room with soft lighting, fresh sheets and a chair at the end of the bed.

Carol stood still and then reached down and slowly pulled her dress over her head and tossed it aside.  She stood there magnificently naked.  Her chest was flushed red with lust, her nipples stood out and her breathing was shallow.  She said, “If I ‘m naked you two need to get naked”.
Tom and I looked at each other and began stripping our clothes off.  Once we were both naked we inspected each others body.  I am of very ordinary build with a swimmers broad shoulders and an average size cock.  Tom was stouter with a large barrel chest, firm thighs and a cock a little thicker than mine.

I sat on the chair facing the bed with my cock throbbing and veins pulsing.  My pulse was racing and my breath raspy.

Carol stepped up to him and ran her hands over his chest and down to his cock.  She gripped it and used it to pull him over to the bed.

Carol sat on the edge of the bed and looked at Tom expectantly.  Tom got on his knees, ran his hand up her leg and leaned down to kiss Carol’s bald cunt.  I watched as he put his whole face on her and licked and sucked.  It was obvious that he was experienced at pleasing women by eating their cunts.  He licked Carol from her ass to her clit, thrusting his tongue in her in a fucking motion.  He inserted a finger in her cunt and twirled it around
Carol moaned, “Ahh lick me, lick me, tongue fuck me”.

Tom was lost in the taste and smell of Carol’s cunt.  He slathered her nether lips and buried his face in her cunt.  Soon his face was coated with her juices.

Carol pulled his head tightly to her cunt.  She began her dirty talk “Ohhh, Fuck, Ahhh, coming.”  She thrashed around the bed her arms tightly around Tom’s head, her cunt dripping and her whole body trembling.

Tom climbed up and held her while she was still in the throes of her orgasm.
Carol looked up with glazed eyes and mouthed to me “I love you”.
She pulled Tom up on the bed until he was kneeling beside her head.  His cock was trembling.  Carol took his cock in her mouth and twirled her tongue around the bright purple head.  Slowly she swallowed his cock until his pubic hair was at her lips.  I could see her throat expanding as she gulped, hummed and sucked.  Carol reached up to fondle his balls and pulled her arms around his ass pulling him to her.

I knew what Tom was feeling.  Carol is a blow job master.  Once again I felt the pain of jealousy and I was panting with sex, my cock throbbing in my hand.
Carol stopped and looked up at Tom grinning with lust.
Tom moved down the bed until he was between her legs.  His cock dripping with precum.
Carol reached down, grabbed his cock and put at the lips of her cunt.
Tom pushed forward and then he was in her.  They both stayed still, looking in each others eyes and enjoying the pure sex of it all.  Tom reached up and pulled on her nipples and began thrusting into her.

I could see his cock wet with her juices.  I moaned with pleasure and pain.
Tom was focused on Carol’s pleasure and the pulsing of his cock.  His veins were deep purple and throbbing.

Carol pulled herself up and rolled over so that she was sitting on his cock,  She rose and fell her eyes glazed and her whole body ablaze with lust.  She reached behind herself and cupped his balls.
Tom grabbed her hips and repeatedly pulled her down on his cock.

This was it my fantasy and my pain.  What if she liked fucking him more that me.  What if she fell in love with him.
Carol started her pre orgasm dirty talk.  “Oh Tom, cock, fuck fuck Ahhh.  Don’t stop fucking me. Make me cum”
Tom began thrusting up, more and more urgently.  His veins began pulsing as he shot his cum into her.  He groaned, “Oh Carol, Oh Carol”.

Carol went down on his chest and began frantically clawing at him and rising and falling on his cock.  Suddenly she cried out “Oh, Ahhhh, Watch me, fuck fuck cumming”.

They shuddered and clutched each other.  As they began to come down they kissed tenderly and lay there in each others arms for a long moment of satiation.

Carol finally rolled off Tom and looked over at me with unseeing eyes.  Her cunt was leaking cum and was red and swollen.

I spoke up, “Tom we’ve had a wonderful night.  It’s time Carol and I had some alone time”.
Tom got and dressed, then he leaned into Carol and said this was the best sex he’d ever had.  He gave her a final kiss, smiled at me and went out the door.

I couldn’t control my self.  I went to the bed and pulled Carol to the edge.  I buried my face into her cunt.  I licked and slurped their combined juices.  It tasted wonderful.  Carol pulled me up and I put my cock into her sloppy cunt.  This was no tender moment.  I pumped and pumped until we both came in a screaming orgasm.

I got up on the bed and held Carol while she was still pulsing through her orgasm.
We held each other tenderly and spoke our words of love.

We knew we would do this again.