Sex Games 2-xstoryhindi

The games get wilder.  Sex with strangers.
My wife, Carol, and  I started playing sex games a few months ago.

We are a very social couple and go to a lot of parties.  At one particularly wild party we went skinny dipping with a bunch of friends.  One friend, Tom, asked if he could dance with Carol in the pool.  They danced naked and he rubbed his prick all over her.  She danced a second time with him, put her arms around his neck and rubbed her shaved mound on his leg.  The dance ended with them in a passionate kiss.

My emotions were racing out of control – jealousy yet excitedly turned on.  We went to a number of parties where Carol got bolder and bolder dancing with Tom.  At each party Carol wore no underwear.  Eventually this led to our inviting Tom back to our house.  Tom and Carol had mad passionate sex while I watched and then fucked her sopping cunt.  Carol and I loved it.

It was a sexually charged evening.  It brought us closer together.  The memory was burned into our minds.  It fueled our sex talk and Carol would be moaning about fucking other men.  We both wanted to do it again.

For our vacation that year we rented a cottage at lake Radnor.  The cottage sat on stilts directly on the lake.  It was one large room with a king sized bed, an open kitchen, a living area and a large deck.  The cottage came with a temporary membership in a Yacht club and a float boat.

We drove up late Saturday afternoon.  We unpacked and settled in.  We decided to go to dinner at the Yacht club.  Carol wore a frayed denim mini skirt, with the top button of the fly open and white gauze halter top that exposed most of her midriff.  I wore my usual tan slacks and a polo shirt.

We walked to the club and had a martini at the bar. Carol sat on a stool and kept crossing and uncrossing her legs – a little flashing.  The bartender paid us a lot of attention, gawking at Carol’s tits.   We got a table overlooking the lake and had a delicious dinner of white fish and a bottle of crisp white wine.  The crowd was happy and relaxed.

After dinner a small local trio set up to play and the staff moved a few tables around for a dance floor and dimmed the lights.  The trio started playing and Carol and I got up to dance.  We held each other tight and murmured sweetly to each other.  I could feel Carol almost quivering with anticipation of what might happen.  We went back to our table and had some more wine.  A young man came up to us and asked if he could dance with Carol.  She got up and slow danced with him.  I could see her pressing her body on him.  When she got back to the table I could see her erect nipples and flushed chest.  Another man came up to table and asked Carol to dance.  She danced a slow dance with him and again clung to his body causing her skirt to ride up exposing the bottom of her ass cheeks.  Carol wrapped her leg around his and pressed her mound on his leg.  I looked at the trio and looked back at the dance floor.

Carol wasn’t there.  I waited a few minutes and walked around looking for her.  I went out on the deck and could hear moaning.  I went around a corner and saw Carol and her dance partner making out.  He had his hand and under her skirt and was finger fucking her.  I heard her wetness and smelled her sex.  Carol had the guy’s cock in her hand and was jerking him off.  They noticed me and I just smiled.  Carol came on his fingering and he shoot his cum all over the deck.  I took Carol by the arm and asked “Was that fun”?  She just beamed at me.

When we came back to our table I looked at her with questioning eyes.  She said “I’m so horny.”  I took her to the dance floor, kissed her neck and discretely brushed her aroused nipples.  I felt a tap on my shoulder and a large man, dressed in the Yacht club colors, said “May I have a dance with the lovely lady?

I said let’s chat first.  His name was Brian, he was single and traveled for a living and that this was his last night here.  He also had a large yacht off of the dock.  He seemed charming and confident.  I smiled and Brian took Carol out to the dance floor.

They danced to a slow song.  Brian was much taller than Carol, her head resting on his chest.  Carol was molded to his body and was twirling her fingers on his chest.  They stayed for the next song and Carol’s skirt slipped up exposing her ass cheeks and almost her mound.  She wrapped her leg around his thigh and was making slight humping motions.  Brian started running his hands all over her back and whispered into her neck.

When they came back to the bar to me Carol’s visible nipples were erect and her chest flushed.  We stood at the bar chatting for a while then Brian casually put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her to him.  I stepped up to Carol and discretely rubbed her upper thighs.  Brian’s hand dropped down and tweeked her nipple.  She was happily trapped between us.

I thought this was going very fast and I was both anxious and horny.  Brian looked at me and said “Why don’t we get more comfortable on my yacht?”  Carol nodded yes and I smiled at the both of them.

The three of us walked out arm in arm.  We paused on the deck to admire the beautiful summer night with the moon over the lake.  Brian pointed out his yacht moored about 50 yards out.  We had to take a dingy  to the yacht.

Once we got there Brian gave us a tour – large living space, gourmet kitchen, large master bedroom and a spa like bathroom.  Both Carol and I were a bit awestruck.

Brian asked if we’d like a drink.  We said yes.  He went to a full wet bar and mixed powerful martinis.  We sat on a soft leather couch with Carol between us.  Brian said, “Ok what’s going on here?”

Carol spoke up “We like to play sex games with men”.  I explained Carol has sex with men while I watch or participate.

Brian said he’d love to play sex games with such a beautiful woman.  He put on some soft music and held his hand out to Carol.  As they danced he pulled at the knot on her halter top and it came open but didn’t yet fall off.  He reached under her skirt caressed her ass, then he pulled down her blouse and exposed her gleaming bare breasts and erect nipples.  Carol started moaning, she pulled away from Brian, and asked him to take her skirt off..  Carol then molded her naked body to him and pulled him in for a tongue twisting kiss.

I couldn’t sit still.  I got up and snuggled to Carol’s back and pressed my erection between her ass cheeks.
Carol was breathing hard and softly groaning.  She said “Let’s take this to the bedroom.
Brian led us into the bedroom.  He and I got naked.  Brian was a big man, like an ex football player going a little soft.  He had broad shoulders, a strong chest and a nice cock, with big swaying balls.  He lay down on the bed on his back and Carol sat on his face and began grinding on his mouth.  I could smell her sex.

Carol rocked back and forth on his face, moaning and fingering her clit.
I stood watching and feeling the usual jealousy and arousal.  My cock was at full erection and dripping precum.

I moved closer to the bed.  I could smell Carol’s juices.  Brian’s cock was pointing straight up and his veins were purple and throbbing.  I had to be involved.
I lowered my head to Brian’s cock and licked the crown.  I tasted his drippings.  I plunged down on it and started sucking.  I had never done anything like this before.  I was amazed at how firm his erection was and how smooth the skin was.  I bobbed and sucked as best as I knew how.

Carol turned her head and said  “Yeah Dick, suck it, make it wet and hard for me”.  She was moaning as Brian continued to lick and suck her cunt, “Ah Brian, eat me, lick my ass, Ohhh”.  She had her first orgasm of the night shaking with sexual exhilaration
I moved up behind her and held her while Brian gently caressed her.
When she stopped trembling she shimmied down Brian’s body leaving a trail of her sex juices.  When she got to his cock she rubbed it on her slit and smiled at him.  She leaned down and gave him hot kiss.  Carol then held Brian’s cock at her cunt and slowly lowered her self on it until she was resting on his pubic bone.  We were all quiet for a moment, sex sex sex.

Carol started moving up and down on Brian’s cock.  She was looking at him with glazed eyes.  Her body was flushed with lust.

His cock was soaked with her secretions and the veins were a deep purple.  He kept pushing up into her as she impaled herself on his cock.  Brian reached up and squeezed her nipples.  His big body was taut and his expression was the look of agonized ecstasy.

I could hear their bodies moving together.  I was filled with jealousy and eroticism.  My cock was throbbing and dripping precum.  I couldn’t touch it or I would explode.

I moved up behind Carol and reached under her to her cunt.  I gripped the base of Brian’s cock and he gasped.  I put my finger into her cunt and my hand was drenched with her wetness.  I climbed up on the bed straddling Brian until I snuggled up to Carol.  I squeezed her ass and caressed her back.
I put my drenched finger into her rosebud and twirled it around.

Carol moaned “Ahh fuck meeee, meee”.
I put my cock up against her asshole and slowly began to push my cock into her.  It felt incredible, warm, tight and clutching.  As I got further in I could feel Brian’s cock through her thin walls, it was throbbing.  We all sat still.

Carol began riding us both.
I started kissing and sucking on her neck.  My cock was tingling with that familiar cumming feeling.
Carol started moaning and her sex talk “Arghh, cocks, cocks, ass fuck me me meeee.”  She froze than moaned “I’m cumming, Ahhhhh, Ahhhh.”  Her ass clinched my cock and I could feel Brian pushing deeply into her.

His cock started pulsing and he started shooting his cum into her.  I started to cum, sending my seed deeply into her ass.  I put my arms around Carol and held her while she was in the throes of a massive orgasm.  Brian was gently caressing her tits.

We all collapsed on the bed in the afterglow of fucking.  I finally perked up and said to Brian Carol and I had a great time and we need to go back to the cottage.  Brian said he would play sex games anytime and that was the best fucking ever.

Brian got the dingy and we got in.  We were both still naked.  We cruised along the moonlit night up to our dock.  Carol gave Brian a scorching kiss.  We got up on the dock and laid back.  What a first day of vacation.