Sex Games 3-xstoryhindi

This a continuation of Sex Games 1 & 2
Carol rides a cowboy
The next morning we had breakfast on the deck.  It was a beautiful with the sun gleaming on the water,  We could see boats cruising the shoreline.

Carol was wearing a silky pajama top with no bottoms.  She had just had her pubes waxed and put some oil on it to soothe the skin.  I was wearing a T shirt also with no bottoms.
We started talking about our yacht adventure with Brian.  As we talked we both got aroused.  Carol was casually stroking a finger along her slit and I could see her juices start flowing.  There was a familiar tightness in my groin.

I asked Carol to come over to where I was sitting.  When she got there I put my finger in her and she was sopping wet.  She took off her pajama top and I pulled my T shirt off.  She was standing in front of me with sun shining on her breasts.

She straddled my legs and lowered her self onto my achingly hard cock.  She moaned and pushed down until I was all the way in her.  There we were on the deck in the sunshine fucking.  We knew we might be seen and didn’t care.

She started slowly rising and falling on my cock.  I could smell her sex.  I pulled her to me and sucked on her breasts.

Carol started talking about our adventure with Brian.  She was very graphic about it.  How she sat on his face and his cock, how she loved it when I fucked her ass while he fucked her cunt, how aroused she was when she saw me sucking his cock.  She sounded wanton and free. The pictures blazed in our minds.

I could feel her juices running down onto my balls and her cunt tightened on my cock. She started her sex talk “I sucked his prick, you sucked his prick, OHHH, fuck meee, cum in my cunt.”
I felt her start trembling with an orgasm.  I pushed up and exploded into her cunt.  I held her tightly and told her how much I loved her, how I loved our sex games, how I loved my dirty girl.  We both we quiet for a moment.  We were covered with sweat and glowing with satisfaction.  We went into the cottage and showered together.

The day was sunny and clear and the lake was placid.  We decided to take the float boat out and have lunch on the lake.  We made lunch to bring with us on the boat.  Carol put on the tiniest bikini I had ever seen.  There were two small patches for her breasts and a string ran through her ass and cunt.
We floated out to the center of the lake and dropped anchor.   We ate lunch and had a glass of wine. While we were floating Carol laid on the front deck to tan.  Whenever another boat came by she would take the opportunity to flash her near nude body.

Carol said, “Let’s go skinny dipping”.  We took off our suits and jumped into the water.  Carol was hanging onto a float.  I swam up behind her and cupped her breasts.  We enjoyed the cool water and the hot sun.  We had fun.

When we were climbing back onto the boat another boat came close to us.  Carol stood facing them, naked, and put her hands over her eyes displaying false modesty.  When we got backed to the cottage we scampered naked along the dock.

That night we decided to have dinner at a local western steakhouse.  The steakhouse was designed as a large log house with multiple small side buildings.  There was a small well kept trailer park.
Carol was wearing a snap button cowgirl shirt with a bare midriff and a short fringed skirt.

We were seated as soon as we walked in.  I ordered martinis for us while we looked over the menu and checked out the crowd.  I ordered tenderloin steaks, baked potatoes and a bottle of house red wine.  We chatted at dinner about the usual subject our sex games.

I asked Carol to wait in the adjoining lounge and bar while I went to settle the check.  I settled up and headed for the lounge.

I walked into the lounge and the band was playing country and western songs.  I saw Carol standing at the bar flirting with a local guy.  He was rugged and handsome wearing a flannel shirt, snug jeans and cowboy boots.  I decided to sit back and watch her flirting.

Carol was in full seduction mode.  She would touch his arms, flip her hair and stare into his eyes.  He put his arm around her shoulder and she leaned into him.

The band started playing some slow mournful song and they got up to dance.  Carol put her arms around his neck and molded herself to him.  During the dance she unsnapped two of the buttons of her shirt.  They were glued to each other for the new few dances.  Then she brought him to the table where I was sitting.

Carol’s half open shirt, flushed chest and nipples poking her shirt, his bulge in his jeans enough to tell me she wanted to fuck him.  She introduced him “Dick this is John, John this is my husband dick”.  I smiled and invited him to sit with us.  He looked at me with a strange expression on his face.  I said relax we’re her to have a good time.

Carol and I got up to dance and I asked her if she was a good time.  She looked at me and whispered “I’m going to ride a cowboy tonight”.  I groaned in anticipation.
We went back to the table and sat with John.  Carol started running her hand up and down his leg, dangerously close to his bulge.

John asked Carol to dance. She put one arm around his neck and the other on his jeans.  She put her leg between his and rubbed his cock with her knee.  When they got back to the table Carol’s breath was irregular and John’s jeans were bulging with an obvious erection.  Carol whispered sotto voce “I’d really like to fuck him now”.

I asked John if he was from around here.  John said he lived in a trailer behind the steakhouse.  I asked what it was like and he let’s go look at it.
We walked out with Carol hooking her arms with both of us.  As we walked Carol hip bumped both of us.  We went into the trailer.  It was neat and clean with a large living area in the front, a galley kitchen and a large master bedroom in the rear.

John asked if we wanted anything to drink.  We said yes.  When he stepped into the kitchen I reached over and unsnapped the rest of the buttons on Carol’s shirt.  Carol looked at me with lust glazed eyes.  When John came back with the drinks he looked at Carol’s open shirt and she patted the cushion beside her.

John sat down and Carol turned to him and put his hands on her naked chest.  John looked questioningly at me and  I said Carol and I play sex games with other men.  They started madly kissing each other.  Carol straddled his lap and started humping the lump in his  jeans.  Her skirt pulled revealing her moist bald mound.

John caught his breath and said “let’s take this to the bedroom.  Once there Carol took him by the hand and led him to the bed.  I sat in a chair watching them.  John started kissing Carol’s breasts, sucking each erect nipple into his mouth.  Carol started pulling at his clothes and she dropped her skirt and shirt to the floor.  She was naked, beautiful and in lust.

They kept making out and Carol got on top of him and pushed her slit against his cock.  His cock had a deep purple head and veins that were red and throbbing.  She shuffled to the edge of the bed and presented him with her dripping cunt.

John knelt in front of her and slathered her cunt with his tongue.  He dove in and licked her from her ass to her clit.  He muffled moans “Oh god, beautiful cunt, hot hot”.  Carol pulled his head to her cunt and thrashed about on the bed.  She whimpered “Suck me, meeee”.

John pulled Carol up on the bed and positioned him self between her spread knees.  Carol reached down and pulled him to her cunt.  He pushed in and they both paused wallowing in the moment.  Carol started humping up at him and he started to fuck her was long deep strokes.

I had a perfect view of his cock stroking into Carol’s cunt.
He kept fucking her and his cock was soaked with her juices.  They began the frenzied dance of sex.  He plunged into her and she humped up getting all his cock deep inside her.
I sat in the chair, breathing hard and gently stroked my hard cock.

Carol’s cunt gripped his cock and her slit was wide and open.  John started to groan and his ass muscles were tensing.  Carol started her sex talk “Ohhh, my fucking god, don’t stop, don’t stop”.  John’s cock started pulsing pushing deep into her.  They both exploded with massive orgasm Carol moaning “I’m cummming. don’t stop, Arghh”.  It seemed like they were fucking forever.

They cuddled and glowed with satisfaction kissing each other softly and gently.  I walked over to the bed and held Carol as she kept trembling through her orgasm.

I pulled her to the edge of the bed and reveled at the sight of open freshly fucked cunt.  I buried my face in their mingled juices.  I began sucking and licking her cunt.  John’s cum dripping on my face.  I was wildly licking and fucking her with my tongue.  Carol started shaking and she groaned “Suck, suck my cunt, Ahhh”.
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John and I both put our around her and held her tightly.  After while I said to John that we needed to get back to our cottage.  He looked disappointed and gave us both a naked hug before we left.
Carol and I got back, fell into the bed and had brief frenzied fuck.  We fell asleep in each others arms.