Sex Games 4-xstoryhindi

The next day we were out on the deck having coffee.  I was gazing out at the lake boats floated by and the sun glistened on the water.  Carol was wearing one of my T shirts and I was also wearing a T shirt.  Neither of us had any bottoms on.

Carol whispered to me “Do you like me being a dirty girl?  Do you like watching me have sex?”.  I groaned and put a hand under her shirt and tweaked her nipples.

Carol walked over to the lounger, pulled her T shirt off and started fingering herself.  She looked at me with a wicked smile and asked if I would get her travel bag.  I did.  She pulled a small black dildo out and put some lotion on it.  She started to run it along her slit, while she kept looking at me with a knowing smirk.  She looked at me and asked “Do you like to watch me masturbate?  I like to finger fuck myself.”  Her chest was flushed and her nipples were pert.

I pulled my T shirt off and put some of her lube on my cock.  I walked over and stood looking down at her naked body.  I had a hot hard erection and started stroking it.

Carol looked up at me with hooded glazed eyes and started pulling on her nipples.  She mumbled “Do you remember it all?  All the sex games.”  Her breathing was in short gasps.
I said I remember it all as I continued to stroke my cock.  I could feel a familiar tingling in my balls.  The sun gleaned down on our aroused bodies.  As I looked at the both us I glowed in wonder and thanks for the love we shared.  We live in a sexual wonderland.

Carol started moaning and gasping.  She started her dirty talk “Oh Dick, Oh my fucking god, feels, dirty”.  Her hips started thrusting up.  The dildo became a blur as she kept plunging.  Then she groaned”Coming, mee, fuck, cunt, more, meeee”.

I felt my balls tighten up and my breath caught in my chest.  I exploded with ropes of cum volley after volley.  I kept squeezing my cock for jolts of pleasure.  I aimed it all at Carol.  She was covered with a hot sticky mess.

I collapsed to my knees and pulled Carol’s sticky body to me.  We both sighed with contentment.
We hung around naked, smiled a lot and read some magazines.  We decided to have lunch at the yacht club.

We ate on the patio looking out at the beach.  I had a burger and fries and Carol had a fish taco.  We both wore T shirts over our swimsuits.  The meal was delicious.  The sand on the beach was so bright it hurt our eyes.

We headed for the beach.  We got towels and an umbrella from the beach boy.  Carol took off her T shirt.  He white bikini was scandalous.  After soaking in the sun for a while we jumped into the lake and swam around for a bit.  Once Carol’s bikini was wet it became transparent.  The beach boy came over to us to see if we needed anything.  Carol got up on her elbows, her nipples slipping out and said “Not right now.

I said “Cradle robber” and Carol humped the sand and sad “Mmm Beach Boy.”
After a few hours at the beach we went back to the cottage for a nap.  We slept in each others arms content and happy.  When we woke up I asked Carol what she wanted.  She said “more sex, more cocks”.  I said you’re insatiable.  Carol said “I’m easily satisfied that’s why I want more”.
We decided to go back to the yacht club for dinner.  Carol wore a very short summer dress with a deep V neckline.

We had lobster and baked potatoes for dinner – it was delicious and we were covered in butter.
The dance music started and I took Carol to the floor.  We clung tightly to each other and murmured sweet nothings to each other.

After the dance I went to the bar to get fresh martinis.  I chatted with the bartender for a few minutes.  When I got back to the table there was a young man talking to Carol.  She introduced us “John this is my husband Dick, Dick this John”.  I smiled, shook his hand and invited him to join us.  The band played a slow romantic song and John asked Carol to dance.

Carol glued herself to him, put her head on his shoulder and her legs between his.  The next song started and they stayed on the dance floor.  Watching them was more like watching them have sex than dance.  After the dance they disappeared.  I looked around and couldn’t find them.
I walked out to the deck, heard some moaning and looked around the corner.  Carol was laid back on a padded bench and her dress was on the floor.  Carol looked up at me and smiled.  John hesitated and I told him “Keep going”.  He slathered her cunt with his tongue from rosebud to clit.  His face was glistening with her juices and Carol was moaning in pleasure.
John stood up and pulled his pants down.  His cock was enormous with a large purple head, bright red veins and precum dripping down.  He rubbed it on her slit and slowly pushed it in.  They started a slow dance of sex.  My cock was hard and ready.

Carol pulled him down to her, gave him a tongue filled kiss and rubbed her breasts on his chest.  I watched his ass muscles flex and his cock was soaked with her vaginal juices.
The tempo increased and John kept plunging into her.  The moonlight shined on their beautiful bodies.  Both of them were lost in lust.  Carol started moaning and her sex talk “Ohh John, big cock, my cunt, Ahhhh, fuck me, meee cumming cummimng”.  John pushed deeply into Carol and moaned “I’m cumming”.  I watched as his ass muscles flexed and his veins were throbbing shooting his cum deeply into her.  They cuddled for a few minutes and shared some soft kisses.

I gently pulled John away from her and knelt between her spread legs.  Her cunt smelled of their mingled juices and was red and puffy.  I slathered her cunt with my tongue and stuck a finger in her rosebud.  I pulled her clit between my lips and made humming sounds.  Carol had another orgasm and fluids filled my mouth.
John gave Carol a soft kiss and returned to the club.

Carol and I made ourselves presentable and went back to our table and I ordered us fresh martinis.  We sat there smiling and I said “God I love my dirty girl”.
A tall willowy woman in a very short red dress came up to our table.  She introduced herself, Joan.  She leaned down to talk to us and we could see her naked breasts and she whispered “I saw what you did on the deck.  It looked hot as hell”.  Carol and I smirked and said it was a lot of fun.  Joan looked around and said a bunch of people are going skinny dipping and you’re invited.  Joan stood up gave Carol a light kiss on the lips and returned to her bar stool.  As she hiked herself up she flashed a bald mound.

At midnight Carol and I with a bunch of other people headed for the beach.
At the beach everyone stripped and ran into the water.  Carol flirted with a bunch of men, leaning her breasts on them and hugging them.  Everyone seemed to be having a lot of uninhibited fun, with a lot of touching and groping.

Joan came up behind Carol and cupped her breasts.  Carol leaned back to Joan and ground her ass on Joan’s mound.  Joan turned Carol around and pulled her into a passionate kiss.  They linked their legs and rubbed their cunts against each other.  I could hear Carol moaning and Joan slathered her with kisses.

I swam up behind Joan, put my cock between her ass cheeks and put my arms around both of them.  I asked “Do you like to play sex games”.  Joan’s muffled response was to reach behind her and start stroking my hard cock.

Carol said “Let’s take this back to our cottage”.
The three of us walked up to the beach and walked naked to the cottage.  Joan and Carol linked arms and I put my arms around Joan’s waist and my hand on her ass.  Along the way they paused for kisses and mutual breast fondling.

When we got back to the cottage we all dried each other off, paying special attention to the more erotic parts of the body.  Carol led Joan to the bed where they began kissing and caressing each other.  Carol pushed Joan to the bed and kissed and licked her way down Joan’s body.  When she got to Joan’s mound she inhaled deeply and gently kissed it.  Joan sighed.  Carol spread Joan’s cunt lips and began sucking them into her mouth.  She stuck her tongue into Joan and licked and sucked it from rosebud to clit.  I moved to the bed and pinched her nipples and sucked on them.
Carol and I were a sex team working on Joan.

Joan gasped and pulled Carol tighter to her cunt.  Joan moaned “Oh God Oh God”.
I got up and went behind Carol and slathered her ass with my tongue.  I stuck my finger in her cunt and it was sopping wet.  I moved up and put my prick into Carol’s welcoming hole.  I could hear a muffled groan while Carol kept face fucking Joan.  This was such and erotic moment I was swept away.  I had never seen Carol with another women – Wow!
Carol reached up and pulled on Joan’s nipples while still licking and sucking her cunt.

The whole room smelled of sex. I was plunging frenziedly into Carol. Suddenly I hear Joan cry out “Ohhhh,  fuck, fuck, coming”.  She came all over Carol’s face.  This was too much for me and my cock exploded into Carol.
After we calmed down Carol climbed up on the bed and sat on Joan’s face.  She reached down and pulled Joan to her cunt.  I could hear Joan’s muffled groans.  She sucked all of my cum from Carol’s cunt.  Carol was riding Joan’s face with eager thrusts.

Carol groaned “Ahhhh, eat me, eat me, Cumming”.
I climbed up on the bed and held Carol tightly while she still trembled.
After a few minuted I said to Joan “It’s very late, stay over”. She nodded yes.
We fell asleep with Joan between Carol and I.  In the middle of night I felt the bed shaking.  I looked over and Carol and Joan were in a 69 position.  They were devouring each other.  Joan was on top.  I moved behind her and felt her cunt.  It was sopping wet.  I Licked Joan’s ass then put my prick into her.  She moaned.

While I was fucking Joan Carol would sometimes lick my cock as it plunged into Joan.  All of us came quickly then dozed back to sleep happy and contented.
In the morning the three of us were on the deck wearing T shirts and no bottoms.  Carol and Joan surrounded me and started rubbing their cunts on my leg.  I got hard fast.
Joan led me back to the bedroom by my cock.  I got on my back and Joan lowered herself onto my cock.  As Joan was rising and falling on my cock, Carol got on the bed and sat on my face.  I was in sexual heaven.

I came in Joan’s cunt.  Joan came on my cock.  Carol came on my face.  We all collapsed on the bed and smiled at the new day.

Finally, Joan said “I have to get back to my cottage”.  We all had a naked three way hug and Joan left.
Carol and I drifted back to sleep.